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What will happen after xi xingping death ??????​

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I disagree with Mr. Xing's answer. It is explicitly stipulated in the Constitution of China (Article 84) that when the presidency of China is in vacancy, the Vice President shall succeed the post of President. The current Vice President is Li Yuanchao so he would become the president should Xi die.

Li Yuanchao is not a standing member of the Politburo and may not have much power himself. Anyway, the presidency of China is primarily a flower vase so there may not be any problem for Li to remain president until the next NPC session.

Unfortunately it becomes more complicated as to the succession of party leadership. In such a scenario all bets are off. Although there is an unwritten pecking order for standing committee members, it is NOT the order of succession. It is very unlikely that Li Keqiang will automatically become the general secretary, or even an acting one. The most likely consequence may be that the standing committee will rule collectively (as they are always supposed to work in such a manner) until a plenum of party central committee can be held to elect a new general secretary.

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