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Write a letter of complaint to the Head of Delhi Board,North Delhi, Informing him of no water supply for the last two days to your colony. No previous warning was given, and no tankers have been supplied. you are Ram manda, karol Bagh, new delhi.(letter of complaint).​

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296 cents let smb down

119, Church Road


15 May, 20XX

The Director

Personal Care Centre

Chandigarh – 22


Sub: Information about a short term course

I have come to know that your institute imparts training in different personality enrichment courses during the summer vacation.

I have appeared in the A.I.CBSE this year and I am keenly interested in doing a short-term course in public speaking so as to equip me in interactions with my new colleagues in the college and /or field of work.

Please inform me about the duration of the course, fees and other charges as well as terms and conditions for getting admission. Kindly enlighten me if boarding and lodging facilities are available, and if so, what is the approximate expenditure. In case you have a printed brochure or typed information in this regard, kindly forward it to me to the address given above.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully Aarti/Aman

let smb down
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