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Franceschi Franceschi Jan 17, 2021

Active voice to passive voice .1.We saw the storm approching.2.The nurse looks after the patients. 3.Dont look upon the poor. 4.she brought up the orphan child. 5.He gave me a new book.6.I showed him the best house. 7.Do you know him?8.There is no money to spare. 9.we saw him fight with a sword. 10.They let the prisoner go. pls write the ans not other things pls​

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Strom approaching was see my them

patients are looked after by nurse

upon the poor don't look

orphan child was bought by her

new book was gave by him

best house for him was showed by me

did u knew him

form sparring there is no money

sealed fighting was saw by us

hopes it helps you

AndersBen AndersBen
Jan 17, 2021
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