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Granirdin Granirdin Dec 24, 2020

Fill in the blanks with a suitable word1. Is there any proof____ my stealing?2. My father succeeded_____impressing audience.3. The boy has special love _____fast food.4. He caught him ____his collar.5. There is no bridge _____ the stream.6. put ______ the fire, please.7. He was astonished______ what she said.8. I was thinking_____ you.​

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1 ans - is there any proof of my stealing ...

2 ans - my father succeeded for impressing audience

3 ans - the boy has special love for fast food .

4 ans - he caught him to his collar .

5 ans - there is no bridge to the stream

6 ans- sorry I don't known the answer

7 ans- he was astonished for what she said

8 ans- I was thinking to you

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Dec 24, 2020
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