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Brave man paragraph use these words brave ,truthful, honourable, hardwork,storng ,great

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Bravery can be classified into two kinds-real bravery and false bravery. One kind of false bravery arises from ignorance of danger. If an infant plays with a cobra, it would be absolutely free. from fear, and would do what brave men would fear to do; but we ought not to call it bravery, for it has no appreciation of the danger. Yet such fearlessness is often mistaken for real bravery. If the want of recognition of danger is due to intoxication, the quality of bravery is sometimes called Dutch courage, because the drink that was served out to troops before an attack was usually Dutch rum.

Another spurious form of courage is actually due to fear, as when a soldier stands his ground in a battle, because he fears the punishment which will be inflicted on him if he runs away. In such cases thể stronger fear overcomes the weaker fear, and surely the man who is actuated by any kind of fear cannot be said to be displaying bravery because it has its own virtues.

What is true courage? Now we consider it. The simplest form of courage is constitutional courage, which shows itself in the absence of trembling and of other signs of fear in the face of great danger. When Louis XVI was being led to execution, he is said to have exclaimed, “Am I afraid? Feel my pulse.” His steady pulse, when he was on the point of dying a terrible death, showed that he was physically brave.”

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