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Give a proper explanation for finding the sentence is transitive or intransitive.kindly give appropriate answer...⚔no spam⚔⚔no copy,paste⚔spam will be reported for 20 answers...​

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✴ There are two voices in which a sentence is conveyed: Active Voice and Passive Voice.

Active voice indicates that the subject is performing the action.

Passive voice indicates that the subject is undergoing the action.

✴ A verb is said to be transitive if it can both take active voice (where subject is the doer of the verb) and passive voice (where subject is the receiver of the verb). For example:-

  • I ate ice cream for dinner.
  • Ice cream was eaten by me for dinner.

  If the verb cannot be passivized, it is intransitive. For example:-

  • A cat is sleeping on my bed.

✴ To find whether the sentence is transitive or not, the first step is identifying the verb (the action). Next, you'd have to see if there's a direct object on which the verb is acting upon. A direct object answers the question of what or whom. Look at the following example:-

  • She arrived four hours late.

Here, the verb is 'arrived' and the subject is 'she'. But there is no direct object that is receiving the action and the verb 'arrive' is intransitive. Hence the sentences is intransitive.

David David
Feb 2, 2021
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