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Change the following sentences into negativemy father bought a bycycle for me​

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  • Change the following sentences into negative "my father bought a bycycle for me"??
  • My father didn't bought a bicycle for me

A sentence that negates a particular statement or an affirmative sentence is called a negative sentence. It does not always imply something bad; but, just conveys that a particular, statement or condition is false. There are two common words used to show negation- no and not.

Let's explore some examples of negative sentences.

  • I am not flying to England.
  • That isn't the way to Nashville.
  • They are not from Ecuador.
  • He wasn't eating white rice.
  • We were not sad when he moved away.
  • They don't practice yoga.
  • She did not like Bikhram yoga.
  • He doesn't have to commute to work.
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