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What do aerobic and anaerobic exercises have in common

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They have in common that they are both primarily concerned with weight loss but both anaerobic and aerobic exercises are having different types of workouts.

Anaerobic exercises are exercises that are having short length but high intensity. Aerobic exercises are ones with high or low intensity which are referring to cardio and that is why both anaerobic and aerobic exercises are connected with weight loss.

Aerobic exercise refers to an activity that initiates the heart rate and breathing to enhance but not much to an extent that one cannot sustain the activity for more than certain minutes. It simply means exercise with oxygen.

On the other hand, anaerobic means in the absence of oxygen. It is the kind of exercise where one gets out of breath in just a few minutes, like when one lifts weights for bettering strength, when one climb a long flight of stairs, or when one sprints.

The common thing between both these forms of exercises is that they both promote physical endurance.

They both promote Pyshical endurance. APEX

They build your air stamina if that makes sense. the first person is correct cuz trying to make it make sense haha
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