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Write a science fiction story in 100 words

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What do you do with a prisoner who has information?

Torture them? You won’t get the information you want out of them. And it’s against the law.

So, the government asked Dr. Odd to come up with a truth serum.

After weeks of research and experimentation, he had one.

But instead of making people speak the truth, everything they spoke became the truth.

Which was not a good thing in the hands of terrorists who wanted to overthrow the government and kill the infidels.

Doctor Odd took the serum himself.

Everything’s changing.

For the better.

And you know that’s true.

The escalator was invented long before there was an electric motor capable of powering it.

Elephants were used to power the demonstration models, but nobody wanted a basement filled with those things. They’re big, smelly, and expensive to feed.

Plus, elephant poop.

This made the escalator a really hard sell for the inventor, because building owners weren’t willing to pay so much for a heavy, ugly staircase.

“One day, those steps will move!” the inventor would shout.

People thought he was drunk. Or overdoing the medicinal cocaine and heroin.

He rode the elephants home and sold them to the circus.

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