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Write down a good story, one of my best friend is asking me for it which story should i tell her ?Don't spam otherwise......​

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( autobiography )

et me introduce myself . I was the alone guy who was always in a wonder whether can I get my own love . Then in that trembling February , I was wandering about everywhere , asking me only one thing " WHAT NEXT ? " . Mind full of past memories , was a bright student from childhood :) , what I don't have . A cute puppy , loving sister , dear mom , Only thing that gave me a reason for depression was SHE .

As a regular day , I was in the company of my semi circle . Drifting around in Vacations . As usual in that tea Stall where I saw a little twinkle ❤️❤️❤️❤️ . That shine was a little different that bring a hope and smile to my soul . Everything changed , with an entrance of a Qupid . Her that smile and the qupid's love arrow towards me was not as usual .

Then that regular views and roaming to the stall , with an extravagant look . Rinni was at an thought that I was going to face . By the way , Rinni my sister .

After long efforts finally got her name from her college Watchman . VAISHALI what a sweet name . Earth was failed in front of her . I tried but could not talk to her .

Weeks are passing following with months . Then an incident happened that gave a turning point . Vaishali enrolled in my college in my same batch . Heart was in full swing with joy :) . All here after DAYS / WEEKS / MONTHS when I got chance to spend time with her ; Came the mid year vacations . But for some extra curricular activities and projects , every student's Number was taken that was submitted to the College Group .

Me the guy , gave à good bye to my semi circle and went away from my PG . Maa was about to see me after half a year so was I too. Here my sisu comforted me as I was in a fear of not seeing her for a month . What next ? Rinni asked me to introduce herself to her Bhabhi* . Only I knew the truth . BTW , I got her number .

As every casual committed guy . I also start to overcome my fear by greeting her a hello . And her that sweet reply gave me the imagination of that same Qupid . Well Days passed and that messages that only lasts for a second , now continue to hours . And you know , I was the Happiest Person that time .

Here now nearly 2 weeks passed , Rinni reminded that I used to love her not her Care Taker LMAO . So what , as usual with that fear I asked her about her Relationship . Then with a sweet smile a reply came that ended my LIFE ..........✍️


Storyline from my own brother's LOVE

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