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Invention by ErrorSpencer Silver invented Post-its in 1974, buthe invented them by mistake. Spencer Silverworked in a laboratory. He wanted to make areally strong adhesive. But nothing worked.He invented a super-weak adhesive instead.It was a disaster Four years later, Spencerwas in church. Arthur Fry, his friend, wasin the church choir. He had pieces of paperPhoto courtesy of CUin his book to mark his place. But the papersHeritage Centerfell out onto the church floor. Spencernoticed and remembered his super-weak adhesive. He madesome markers for Fry. They worked. They didn't fall out,but they didn't destroy the book either. Spencer's productworked Today, Post-its are one of the most popularoffice products.1. Who invented Post-its?2. Where did Spencer work?3 What did he want to make?4. What did he make?5 Who was Arthur Fry?Why did Spencer make some Post-its for him?ayuda si lo saben no contesten es urgente doy coronita​

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1. Spencer Silver

2. in a laboratory

3. really strong adhesive

4. a super weak adhesive

5.  his friend that was in the  church choir

6. because the papers of arthur kept falling

espero ayudarte <3 si puedes ayudarme con una corona te lo agradecería

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