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Ken bought a new car and had to borrow $6,500 from the bank. The bank charged asimple interest rate of 10.5% for the 5 years he had the bank loan. What was thetotal cost of the loan?

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x = 25/2304

the expression (1.26)2t reveals the approximate rate of increases in the number of plants semiannually.

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the length of o'p' is .

it is given that the quadrilateral m'n'o'p' is the image of quadrilateral mnop after dilation.

the center of dilation is origin and the scale factor is 1.5.

in dilation the image and preimge are similar figures. it means the sides of image and preimage are proportional.

the scale factor is defined as

the scale factor is 1.5.

multiply both sides by op.

note:if the value of op is given, then multiply the value of op with 1.5 to get the length of side o'p'.

therefore length of o'p' is .


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