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If there is 50cm Wall behind your house And it is cover with paper 50cm wide then what is your house length​

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414 cents moreover

Mohit’s acceptance for Rs.6,000 which was endorsed over by Ganesh to Rajesh was dishonored. Rajesh paid Rs.250 was Noting charges. Journalize the above in the books of Ganesh.

ii. Sumit informs Shivam that Shyam’s Promissory Note for Rs.2,000 has been dishonored and Noting charges of Rs.50 has been paid. Shivam gave a cheque to Sumit. Journalize the above in the books of Shivam.

iii. Ankit’s acceptance for Rs.14,000 which was endorsed over by Sanjay to Hari was dishonored. Hari paid Rs.120 as Noting charges. Hari’s account was settled. Journalize the above in the books of Sanjay.

iv. Mohan’s acceptance for Rs.10,000 in favor Kamal sent to bank for collection dishonored on due date and bank paid Rs.100 as Noting charges. Journalize in the books of Kamal.

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