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400-500 words essay on topic"how I spent my time during lockdown"​

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47 cents Varvara

As quarantine/lockdown has been extended, I’ve been trying to find a good balance between relaxing and rejuvenating whilst also being productive.  With summative essays, final exams, and dissertations still on the agenda for May and June, I still have a lot to do.  Here are a few of the things I’ve been trying to do to stay productive during this unprecedented time:

Set myself a weekly goal:

Since I still have a few essays left to finish, and final exams to prepare for, I try to set a goal for myself each week outlining which assignments I want to work on or submit.  This way, I’m still getting things done, but not trying to do everything in one week and then burning out or submitting work that’s not my best.

Speculative Applications:

While my full-time job hunt has been put on a temporary hold until lockdown is over, I still want to keep trying to secure a job for when we can all go back to normal life.  I learned about speculative applications from Careers Services and found them to be a great use of my time while in lockdown.  Instead of applying for a specific listed job, (as many companies have put recruitment on hold) you send through your details, CV, and elevator-like pitch about why you’d be a great fit for them, now or in the future.


I love to read but find that during term time I don’t always want to pick up a book after spending hours reading for class.  But now that I’ve got so much free time I am really enjoying getting back into reading for fun.  If you want to learn something new try a non-fiction, or, if you want to be entertained but have run out of Netflix shows, try a good novel. Mystery and crime novels are my go-to at the moment.


I’ve decluttered everything from my closet, my kitchen, and my computer during lockdown so far. I love getting rid of things I don’t use and donating what I can (when this is all over) especially clothes that are still in good condition. Nothing makes me feel more productive than a clean room, clear workspace, and decluttered computer. And you’ll appreciate all the work you’ve done once this is all over and you don’t have the time to do it anymore!


Getting into a good exercise routine during quarantine can help you stay motivated once we go back to our normal schedule. Do what you can in these conditions, but definitely take advantage of our one walk per day. Getting out and enjoying the weather can put you in a good mood and break up your super productive day!

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