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... for5. The British wanted to build road betweeBrahmaputra Valley and Myliaimovement of their troops,6. Birsa Munda called their revolt aswanza...or the Great Revolt.7. Centralised system of administrationexposed the adivasis to exploitation byoutsiders called ...​

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Adivasis are not a homogeneous group; there are over 200 distinct peoples speaking more than 100 languages and varying greatly in ethnicity and culture. However, there are similarities in their way of life and generally perceived oppressed position within Indian society. According to the official Census held in 2011, Adivasis constitute 8.6 per cent of the nation’s total population, some 104.3 million people. Unofficial figures vary significantly but represent a much higher proportion of India’s population. Adivasis live throughout India but are primarily based in the mountain and hill areas, away from the fertile plains.

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