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What was Jon Krakaeurs purpose for writing Into the Wild? why did he write it? Puurpose? what effect was he trying to give the readers? |

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Krakaeus is a somewhat eccentric writer but also a very intelligent one. His life shows that he has certain things he sort of obsesses about, and this was one of them: The real-life death of Christopher McCandless, who got lost in the wildnerness in Alaska, and his body was found starved to death.

Prior to writing "Into the Wild" Krakause had written an article called "Death of an Innocent", which is a detailed account (and a bit fictionalized) of what happened when Christopher McCandless left for that hiking trail which ultimately caused his death.

Krakause has always had a theory that McCandless was not starved to death, but poisoned by the "Eskimo potato" which is a vegetable that grows in the wilderness, but which also develops a form of fungus that blocks the digestive track and does not allow nourishment.

Therefore, aside from telling a story that personally touched him, his purpose was to determine what could have happened that day in the trail

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