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How has Eastern Europe benefitted from foreign investment?

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1. European Union

2. The European Union has a great influence on the world market.

3. Industrial Revolution

4. The Basilica

5. Black Forest

6. Communist

7. Command; Capitalist

8. Rome

9. Imperialism

10. NATO

Explanation: hope this help

B. The Soviets would not let those nations accept it

The Soviet Union was afraid that the plan would weaken communism. They countered with their Molotov Plan, which was arguably less successful. if given the option, Eastern Europe would gladly take the benefit of the Marshall Plan.

Question 10 (1 point)

Most European countries belong to a POLITICAL organization that promises to act as one in times of MILITARY conflict

It united many different European kingdoms under a shared religious culture.

The correct answer is D. It united many different European kingdoms under a shared religious culture.

Indeed, with the fall of the Roman Empire, the Roman way of life was not eliminated; it actually subsisted for a long time after the Empire fell and incorporated all the barbarian invader’s customs and ruling structures.

Catholic authorities had to carefully negotiate precarious agreements with the new barbarian rulers and to keep a balance between their paganism and Christian beliefs.

Eventually each one of these new barbarian kingdoms would be converted to Christianity by the work of Christian missionaries. One result of this was that the Christian faith spread to areas where Roman rule had never existed, like Ireland, the Northern Germanic kingdoms and Scandinavia. Before Protestantism, this united many different European kingdoms with a share Christian religious culture.

To spur trade, A, B, and C deicide on economic integration where there were  they agreed on a common external trade policy, and allowed factors of If seven countries formed a common market, which of the following would be a feature of their trade agreement?  lowers foreign exchange and hedging costs in Europe.

I believe the answer is D. It united many different European kingdoms under a shared religious culture.

When roman empire falls, the fragments of what used to be territories formed their own kingdom/Governance.
and even though the kingdoms/governance are now separated, they still held into their religious Christian traditions as some sort of guidance in their lifeI think that it is C. not very sure. I looked in my history tech book, "Constantinople became the most important city in the western world" Hope this helps :)It shifted political power from the western to eastern europe
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