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ComprehensionA. Answer the questions.1. What is the unfortunate experience that David suffers on his way to thecoach station?2. Where does David Please Countto run away? What does he do for money thathe requires?3. What was the name of David's old school? Why did he Please Countto spend thenight near the school?4. Where did David sleep the next night? Why did he not go to a lodging houseinstead?5. Briefly describe David's experience at the pawn-shop in Chatham. Whataspect of his nature appears at this point of time?6. In what way was David's journey on the second day both pleasant anddangerous? What precaution did David learn to take to protect himself?7. What was David's experience when he arrived in Dover? How did David assesshis situation and his feelings?8. How did David describe himself as he stood waiting to meet Aunt Betsy at thegarden-gate? I RUN AWAY TO DOVER BY CHARLES DICKENS​

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1. The unfortunate experience that David suffers on his way to the coach station is the dog bites him.

2. David decides he will not stay in London without the Micawbers and resolves to run away to his aunt Betsey. He borrows some money from Peggotty and hires a young man to help him move his box to the coach station.

3. The name of David's old school was Salem House. He decided to spend the night near his old school so that he would not feel alone. His friends would be on the other side of the wall even though they did not know that he was sleeping there outside his school's wall.

4. David slept the next night in a grass-grown battery with a sentry marching passed regularly. He did not go to a lodging house because he had very little money and did not care to spend it on lodging for the night.

7. When David arrived in Dover his condition was very shabby. As a result, when he approached the shop keepers to enquire about his aunt, they took one look at his appearance and told him to leave without listening to him.

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