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Write a python program to input any three digit number and print the given number is Niven number.​

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Warming is the cumulative rise in increase in the average global temperature mesured over a long period. The Earth's global temperature is increasing from many years due to human violence against the environment. Most Humans have no interest in taking care of the environment. But,these are affecting very much harm to the environment.

Some main causes of Global Warming are deforestation,Pollution,growth in human population,etc.

Many people cut trees for their income which is called deforestation. A large number of trees are being cut mostly from the forests in large amount. As a result,the soil become lose and erodes. Also,the amount of oygen is getting less slowy day-by-day due to deforestation. This cause in the increase of Carbon Dioxide(CO2) mixed in the air which is a main reason of Global Warming. Thus,the Earth's Environment is getting very much harm by deforestation.

The second reason that is causing Global Warming is pollution. People are poluting the environment without thinking anything of the environment. The smoke coming out from the industries are mixing up with the atmosphere making it polluted as the smoke coming out from the industries have mixed chemical gases in it. Also,the waste chemicals made in industries are released into the rivers,ponds and lakes.Thus,giving the environment a deadly harm. Other tha these,the smoke that comes out from the vehicles like cars,motorcycles,buses,aeroplanes,etc. is also a cause of Global Warming. As,the smoke released from vehicles mostly contains Carbon Monoxide(CO) which also gets mixed up with the air in large amount and harms the environment. People harms the environment also by throwing garbages in the soil. People use large amount of plastic in forms of plastic bags,packets of food materials,etc. After using these,nost people throw the garbages in soil and rivers. These plastic does not dissolve in soil and remains up to hundreds of years. It also leds to Soil Erosion. Other and soil erosion,sunlight and heat cause the plastic to release harmful greenhouse gases which results in climate change and harmfully leads to Global Warming. This way, the environment is being polluted and Global Warming is being increased continously. People are not caring anything about this and Global Warming is increasing continously.

The third main reason causing the increase in Global Warming is the growth of Population. The human growth of population is 83 million per year. The more population increasing means more requirements of oil,gas,coal and fossil fuels mined from below the Earth surface. When these are burned to form required things,leaves a lot of gases with mostly Carbon Dioxide mixed in the air and results in the formation of greenhouse effect. This is a harmful thing that affects the environment,climate and Global Warming.

These were some of the main causes that are affecting the environment and leads to increase in Global Warming.

Global Warming can also be decreased. Global Warming can be decreased bg planting trees as much as Possible. Planting trees can reduce Global Warming to a great extent. All people must plant trees instead of cutting them. It is a very big contribution to the environment. Global Warming can also be decreased by stopping the use of harmful chemicals or leaving the waste chemicals in air or water,by reducing the use of vehicles,by reducing and reusing plastic and by reducing the use of fossil fuels. This way,we can stop Global Warming. All people should stop the increase of Global Warming and make our environment beutiful.

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