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Which is a property of acids in aqueous solutions? They feel soapy. They taste bitter. They increase the concentration of H ions. They decrease the concentration of H ions.

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The species that is capable of donating protons are called acids. Acids in the aqueous solution increase the level of the hydrogen ion concentration.

What are the properties of the acids?

Acids are the ions and molecules that donate their protons to another species forming a conjugate base. They are the sour-tasting substance that alters the blue litmus to red in colour.

According to Bronsted Lowry, the species donates protons or dissociate to give the \rm H^{+} ions. For example,

\rm H_{2}SO_{4} \leftrightharpoons H^{+} + SO_{4}^{-2}

When sulfuric acid is dissolved in water it increases the hydrogen ion concentration as,

\rm \rm H_{2}SO_{4} + H_{2}O \leftrightharpoons HSO_{4}^{-} + H_{3}O^{+}

Therefore, option c. acids increase the hydrogen ion concentration.

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