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In The Great Gatsby, is Mrs. Wilson the same person as Myrtle Wilson?  |

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Yes. Mrs. Wilson is the same person as Myrtle Wilson in the story. Myrtle Wilson is George Wilson's vivacious wife, who is having an affair with the wealthy Tom Buchanan. Myrtle Wilson's husband is depicted as a poor, timid man who cannot please his materialistic, ambitious wife. Mrs. Wilson lives in the valley of ashes in a small apartment above her husband's garage. In chapter two, Tom Buchanan invites Nick into the city, and they stop at George Wilson's garage before heading into town. Tom speaks briefly with Myrtle, and she follows him into the city, where they proceed to carry on their affair and party in Tom's downtown apartment. By the end of the party, Tom ends up punching Myrtle in the nose, and Nick is appalled by the entire evening in the city. Later in the novel, Myrtle dashes out into the road, and Daisy accidentally kills her while driving Gatsby's car. George is devastated by his wife's death and ends up taking revenge by murdering Jay Gatsby after Tom blames him for Myrtle's death.

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