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Activity 5.- Wh-questionsClassify the sentences in the following Wh-questions segment according to their structure, use a 3-column chart.Afirmatiive Negative InterrogativeWhat? To ask about specific objects or things When? To ask about time, occasion, and moment Where? To ask about position or placeWhat time do you wake up?When do you do exercise?Where is the school?I take a shower before V-I-R-T-U-A-L class. I work out thirty minutes every day.The classroom is where I take a class.I am not happy, I miss school.I don ́t have a specific time to do exercise.We don ́t go to class in a R-E-A-L classroom now. Who? To ask about a personWhy? To ask for a reason or explanationWho is my teacher?Why is your telephone area code not 449?The English teacher ́s name is spelled R-A-U-LI don’t know why I have a cellphone with a code 384The students who don ́t want to go to class need motivation. My area code is different than yours.

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bro traducelo en Google en el traductor

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