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(02.01MC)The Department of Health in the Germany wants to know whether the national healthcare system is achieving its goals in Germany Much information about healthcare comes from that to compare people who use services with those who don't . Therefore the Department of Health conducted the Germany Health which was used to a random sample of in Germany Part AWhat is the population for this sample What is the ) Part The survey found that of and 72 of females in the sample had visited a general practitioner at least during the past yearyou think these estimates are close to the truth about the entier population ? Explain )

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It should be noted that a population means the entire group that a researcher wants to draw conclusions about.

What is a population?

Your information is incomplete s the data is not provided. Therefore, an overview will be given.

In statistics, a population refers to a set of similar items which is of interest for an experiment.

On the other hand, a sample is a set of individuals or objects that are selected from a statistical population through a defined procedure.

In this case, it is important to deduce if the sample represents the population.

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