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Akim Akim Dec 14, 2020

Write a letter to you cousin, who stay in difference city,information him about your daily routine now that you school is closed. Make sure you include how are you studying and copies with the subject. ​

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Vasant Vihar,

New Delhi-110011

Date:- 14 December 2020

Dear Brother,

How are you? Hope your studies are going well and you are fine. Mom and dad here are also fine. How are your exams going on?

My exams ended the previous day. Do you know how my day goes on? I mean how I spend my day in this lockdown during this pandemic? I thought I should write a letter to you telling you about my day management and thought you may also follow it.

I get up early in the morning at 5 O' clock and after finishing taking a soothing bath I go for running in order to prevent my self from obesity. Then I come back and have a glass of milk so that I can get strong. Then nearly at 6-7 O' clock I do my revision of the previous day. Then at 7.30 I get my breakfast. From 8 onwards till 12 O' clock I attend my online classes. Then after attending them I take my lunch and eat food. After that I go in my study room to revise all I gained during the online class. Then, for half an hour I read my novel. Then from3-4 I listen songs or follow any of my hobby. Then after 4 O'clock I do my school home work. From 6 onward till 8 O'clock I watch TV or play games or anything else. Then at 8 I go for dinner. Then till 10.30 I do my preparation for exams or test or preparer for finals.

This was all my daily timetable. If you like it you can also follow it.

Waiting for your reply brother. Study hard and great for your your finals.

That's all for now brother...Bye!

Your caring brother


Yancho Yancho
Dec 14, 2020
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