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Conjugate the verbs in parenthesis in past simple.1William _________ (visit) his grandparents last weekend.2. Jane __________ (arrive) an hour ago.3. We ________ (go) to Bob;s birthday party yesterday.4. I _______ (be) on holiday last week.5. She _________ (see) fire.Transform the following sentences in negative ones.6. I phoned Lucy last night. → I ________ _________ Lucy last night.7. You tidied up your room. → You ________ _________ up your room.8. Olivia became an actress. → Olivia ___________ ___________ an actress.9. We found the treasure. → We _________ _________ the treasure.10. He spoke Spanish. → He _______ _________ Spanish.Do interrogative sentences in past simple.11. _____ _______ _________ (you/dance) at the party last night?12. ____ _______ ________ (she/do) her homework?13. ______ _________ __________ (Robert/work) at the post office?14. ______ ________ ________ (they/help) you with the washing-up?15. When ______ ____ ______ (I/say) that?Change the verb into the correct form:16. Dan ______ (leave) very early today.17. Sam and Sue ________ (buy) a new house last month.18. _______ I _________ (visit) Germany the previous week?19. You _______ (play) very well.20. They _________________ (not / find) this book on their trip to Italy.21. ______ I ________ (bake) this cake by myself?22. We _______ (open) the store in 1987.23. The rain finally ______________ (stop), and we _______ (go) home.24. She _________ (plan) to come, but she _________ (have) some problems.25. Kate _________ (have) a big house, but she ________ (sell) it.26. Rose _______ (not / be) very thin?27. _______You (be) at work yesterday morning?28. We _________ (think) New York was in England 29. They ___________ (not / bring) this from their trip.30. She always ___________ (dance) in the summer.por fa ayudaa

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1) visited

2) arrived

3) went

4) was

5) saw

6) i didn`t

7) didn`t tidied

8) didn`t become

9) didn`t found

10) didn`t spoke

11) did you dance at the party last night?

12) did she do her homework?

13) did robert work at the post office?

14) did they help you with the washing up?

dime por cual vas ahora y te sigo ayudando jeje, voy a un instituto de ingles y ya vimos esto! ai necesitas ayuda, avisame respondiendo esta respuesta jeje

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