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Cultural and arts exchanges as well as the ASEAN film festival are examples of cooperation in the field of ...the economyfunctionalpoliticalsecurity

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The nucleoid (meaning nucleus-like) is an irregularly shaped region within the prokaryotic cell that contains all or most of the genetic material.[1][2][3] The chromosome of a prokaryote is circular, and its length is very large compared to the cell dimensions needing it to be compacted in order to fit. In contrast to the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell, it is not surrounded by a nuclear membrane. Instead, the nucleoid forms by condensation and functional arrangement with the help of chromosomal architectural proteins and RNA molecules as well as DNA supercoiling. The length of a genome widely varies (generally at least a few million base pairs) and a cell may contain multiple copies of it.

Laurent Geoffroy Laurent Geoffroy
Feb 6, 2021
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