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What reasons can I give for why the Saudi government should not block websites? in some countries .. the government blocks certain websites like... |

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One argument you can make is based on the concept of human rights.  You can argue (like the American Declaration of Independence did) that there are certain rights that people have simply because they are human.  The right to free speech is one of these.  Therefore, governments should not censor websites because that violates the freedom of speech.

Another is more practical or pragmatic.  You can argue that government blocking of websites only makes the people angrier and more likely to resist the government.  If the government blocks these sites, it shows that they are weak and that they fear what their people will do if they can see sites about other political or religious systems.

Finally, you can argue that censorship is degrading.  It treats Saudis like children.  It is valid to block a child from seeing things that they are not ready for.  But it is not valid for adults.  Therefore, the Saudi government is treating its citizens like children.


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