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if we increaae the values of dimensions of rectangle then what will be change in the area of the rectangle​

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If the length and width of a rectangle each change by a factor of ten, what happens to the area of the rectangle?

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The area is thereby multiplied by that Square Multiple, in this example 102=100

It can Also Increase to Height, or can increase to the Width or Length only.

In your example

[width × 10] × [Height × 10] = [Former Area × 10]

And also this applies to the weight too as would be alike making a Row of bricks of a swimming pool into 10 rows of a chimney or stove pipe.

As a Chimney only needs be so high, and In Ground Swimming Pool is usually minimally 30 Bricks Deep (75 to 90 inches), you would only diminish 10 rows of Bricks or Less per Each 25 Feet Upward the Chimney Goes.

Brick weight is same regardless if how you organize them.

Dough weight and Ingredients do not differ when you roll out the dough.

Notes on Paperweights

Upon review of this article I found it lacking, and somewhat more difficult for the young 2D Minders to grasp.

Especially the Topic of Paper and other such Very Thin Items and Film.

This example and anything else within LHW=V aplications is differing in arrangement from HWD=V applications.

To grasp these, these are usually best taught by a Ream of paper or Deck of Cards.

Each paper that is 8.5"×11″ contributes not to itself as a True Area but instead the Volume of 8.5"×11″ × 1″ has misnotated with so

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