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What was the impact of World War 1 on people? To be specific: American workers, African Americans, and women. |

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Because there were so many white men overseas or drafted into the military, there was a large demand for laborers with a limited supply.  There was virtually no immigration during the World War I years, so that source of workers had dried up too.

Those white workers left behind found that it was easier to find and to keep work, and that it paid better than years previously.  We start to see the emergence of a middle class at this time, though it wasn't widespread until the 1920s.  This labor shortage helped African-Americans also, in that they were able to leave the South if they wished, and received better pay than ever before (still less than whites though).

For women, their contribution in the war industries (women were drunk or absent much less than men, and production actually rose when they were in the workforce) helped them finally win the 19th amendment and voting rights.

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