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Explain why nazi propoganda was effective in creating a hatred for Jews​

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Nazi propaganda was effective in creating hatred for the Jews because:

(i) Nazi hatred of Jews had a precursor in traditional Christian hatred of Jews.

(ii) Many in Germany blamed the Jews for defeat in World War I and for all the miseries of the German people.

(iii) Germany was faced with economic crises which were accentuated by the Great Economic Depression. This led to high unemployment and price rise. The Jews were mainly involved in trade and money lending activities and constituted the affluent section of society. Nazi projection of Jews as pests and rodents living off society struck a chord with the deprived and the unemployed.

(iv) Jews lived separately in marked areas called ghettos they therefore became easy targets.

(v) Through the effective use of propaganda, images of Jews were stereotyped, mocked and abused. Example: Propaganda films were made to create hatred for the Jews. The most famous was ‘Eternal Jews’.

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