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0.6. 1. Change the following sentences into Passive form, without mentioning the agent :(1) The audience loudly cheered the Mayor's speech.(ii) Somebody cleans the room everyday.(iii) People don't use this road very often.(iv) They have cancelled the flight because of fog.(v) They are building a new ring road round the city.(vi) This news surprises me.(M.P. 2011)(vii) People expect better results this time.(M.P. 2014, 20)(viii)Mr. Abhishek taught English.(M.P. 2015, 19)​

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  1. the mayor's speech has been cheered by the audience.
  2. everyday the room is cleaned by someone
  3. oftenly this road is not used by people.
  4. bcoz of fog the flight has been cancelled.
  5. a new ring road will be built by them.
  6. I surprised by the news.
  7. this time better results has been expected by the people.
  8. English has thaught by Mr.Abhishek.
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