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Evelina Evelina Jan 6, 2021

. In the device shown in figure, there is a rectangular coil ABCD of insulated copper wire. Theends of the coil are connected to the two halves of the split ring.​

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Given :-

Mass of the body = 5 kg

Velocity of the body = 2 m/s

To Find :-

The linear momentum of the body.

Analysis :-

Here we are given with the mass and velocity of the body moving.

In order to find the linear momentum substitute the given values from the question such that linear momentum is equal to mass multiplied by the velocity of the body moving.

Solution :-

We know that,

p = Momentum

m = Mass

v = Velocity

Using the formula,

Given that,

Mass (m) = 5 kg

Velocity (v) = 2 m/s

Substituting their values,

⇒ p = mv

⇒ p = 5 × 2

⇒ p = 10 kg m/s

Therefore, the linear momentum of the body is 10 kg m/s.

Brock Brock
Jan 6, 2021
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