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Directions: Infer the implicit information of the given texts.Text:1. My father has gone to fight. I am afraidalmost all of the time.2. The streets of our city are littered withbricks, dust, and broken glass.3. My friends and I stay close to home,usually inside our apartment building,sitting under the stars.4. Sometimes, we can't sit still a minutelonger and we run through the halls,laughing and making noise.What I infer:‚Äč

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Ithink the answer is a.

a rough draft essay is the final form of an essay after it has been edited and polished.

Ed has good dental hygiene

impartial means:treating all rivals or disputants equally;fair and just.

i would say that impartial is agreeing with something, because impartial means to treat your rivals, arguments, and reasoning equally and fair. so if you rival says something, agreeing on it means you did the impartial.

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