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Brenda  Heath

12(a) Rewrite the sentences using the linkers given in the brackets.i. She's an excellent secretary. However, she has never been promoted. (Despite)ii. We need to increase sales. Therefore, we'll start a new advertising campaign.(seeing that)iii. Although he had excellent qualifications he didn't get the job. (Yet)iv. Malaysia exports high technology. It invests in tourism as well. ( in addition)v. The meeting was cancelled. The manager was sick. (because of)‚Äč

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i) She's an Excellent secretary despite she has never been promoted

ii) We need to increase sales, seeing that we'll start a new advertisement campaign.

iii) Although he had excellent qualifications yet he didn't get the job.

iv) Malaysia exports high technology in addition it invest in tourism as well

v) The meeting was cancelled because of the manager was sick

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