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Barbara Allen Barbara Allen Jan 19, 2021

1. Complete the sentences with suitable gerunds or gerund phrases.My sister, Saira simply adores shopping for clothes. She loves around the shops with her friendsor on her own. She spends hours bargains. She also enjoysfashion magazines. Shewould love to have a career clothes. Mom often says thatclothes is all she ever thinks about. Saira denies this. She says that she also loves parties. Then Mom tells her that she should be more interested inat school. Then they both start . please fill this blanks ‚Äč

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how long does the process to get the value of a ja rule out of my account men dalwa k sath bhaij dyna dukan py ly k ley to kaha ye I'm good yar pic and same with me I don't know the name of month and same with the brakes on karen tab video

Marsel Marsel
Jan 19, 2021
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