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A wave has a wavelength of 1.5 meters and period of 0.083s. What is the waves speed?NO UPLOADS PLEASE

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because it says use -2,0,and 2 for x, we can plug those numbers into the equation. y/4=3/4(-2)+2  y/4= -1 1/2 +2 now to get x by itself, we can multiply each side by 4. y=-6+8 which equals y=2 when x=-2. now you can do the same thing with 0 and 2 as x. you get y=8 when x=0 and y=14 when x=2.

x   |  y

-2 |   2

0   |   8

2   |   14

the answer is mosques. they are an important part of islamic culture.

the answer would most likely be c, because if it's a comical piece of information, it may likely not be true, if it's a site that allows anybody to edit the content, it could mean a five year old is typing the info, and if it's a tv show produced by a celeb, it may have a biased opinion.

Sound energy is produced when an object vibrates. examples are 1- a balloon popping2-a whistle3- a waterfall
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