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Write a paragraph in about words about your meeting a great person that memorabel to you.

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Every day we have that chance to meet and be with people. There are some that leave an impact on our hearts. It may be the way they carry themselves, the way they talk, their smile, the stories they share, how we see them with others or the kindness they have shown us that make them stay in our minds and hearts even long after we’ve seen them.

There is one person who I feel is the most interesting person I have ever met. Here are a few of the qualities about that person which made him extremely interesting to me.

∙ This person takes everyday as it comes and looks forward to each day with positivity and lot of joy. The enthusiasm of this person is effortless and when you are with this person you feel enthusiastic about life as well.

Another reason why I found this person interesting is because of music and sports. This person is interested in similar music as I like. Similar sports interests also helped.

∙ The sense of humor of this person is amazing. He does not crack jokes all the time but well times effortless jokes makes everyone around this person laugh.

∙ Another reason I find this person very interesting is the ability to take decisions fast and efficiently in life. This person is very intelligent. Intelligence is something that makes a person look smart and stand out.

∙ This person I know always seems to understand what is happening and reads between the lines. I will not say cunning but alert is a better word to describe this person.

∙ Also apart from being so smart and interesting, this person is humble and you can make out that the person is ultimately a nice human being and that you can trust this person.

Sure the person I am talking about is not completely perfect and does have some flaws but just overall it is a lot of fun to talk and interact with this person. I always appreciate the way this person looks at most situations and also has an opinion that I value. This person, I believe is the most interesting person I have ever met.

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