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4 . Acceptances received from customersa. Debited in Total debtors a/c b. Credited in Total creditors a/c c. Credited in bills payable a/c d. Credited in Total debtors a/c​

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When It’s Time to Change Direction

After they are initially introduced to the market, products, services, and brands are constantly being repositioned as a result of changes in competitive and market situations. Repositioning involves changing the market’s perceptions of an offering so that it can compete more effectively in its present market or in other target segments.

Generally it is good to consider repositioning when you see the need or opportunity to improve demand for the offering. Perhaps sales have slowed down, your target segment is getting smaller, or you’ve developed a new innovation you’d like to introduce to the product. Specific factors that can trigger the decision to reposition a product, service, or brand include the following:

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Sep 15, 2021
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