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I only have 15 mintes left please Decide100 points1. Sally wants to make time to exercise because it's her time for herself. 2. How you think about exercise helps Please Countif you'll do it or not. 3. Dennis is motivated to exercise because he wants to build muscle in his chest and arms. 4. It's true that you'll have obstacles and setbacks in your exercise. 5. Jillian thinks about How to find out how muchprogress she is making each time she works out.exercise as a personal rewardmotivation being a mindsetthere not being such a thing as perfectionpositive self-talkfocusing on the ultimate goal

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im confused on this question but hope someone else can help you bye

lifetime activities are certain actions that are either required throughout your life or you choose to do them. for example, eating is considered a lifetime activity, drinking water or other beverages, keeping your body clean, taking medicine. those types of actions are considered lifetime activities.

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