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Speranza Maddalena

How chemistry has played an important role in this corona pandemic?​

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ROLE OF CHEMISTRY IN THIS CORONA PANDEMIC According to me chemistry plays a very important role during this pandemic because chemistry is define as a role from which we can understand the chemical preventative measures of corona virus . Chemistry is a subject comes in medical science . It gives the basic cores about this virus from which we are here with the vaccine of covid - 19 .Chemistry include experimental and theoretical process too so that we can say this like , it works as a glue between the all groups offundamental historical to combat covid . It gives the scientific data like thathow and from where is the substances get obtained and what is the result after mixing different substances.The major point is , it works bhi experimental method with clarity and scientific prove.With the help of chemistry and biotechnology we got the information of the medicines which are very important in these difficult days of us . Chemistry is what from we got the covid vaccine too . So I think without chemistry we can't imagine our live during these days !
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