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Mauzahn Mauzahn May 21, 2022

Some species have anatomical features that have no apparent function but resemble structures of their presumed ancestors; these anatomical features are called ______.

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Anatomical features that are present in some species with no apparent function but resemble structures of their presumed ancestors are called: vestigial structures.

What is a species?

A species can be defined as a biological classification of related organisms or living things that have similar characteristics and are capable of breeding with one another.

What is a vestigial structure?

A vestigial structure refers to an anatomical feature that resemble structures that are fully functional in their presumed ancestors but has no apparent function.

The examples of a vestigial structure.

Some examples of a vestigial structure in species of a living organism are:

  • Human vomeronasal organ.
  • Tail bone
  • Body hair
  • Wisdom teeth

Read more on vestigial structure here:

Jose Flores Jose Flores
May 21, 2022
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