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Donata Donata Jan 19, 2021

(c) The set A of odd numbers lying2. Let A = {x | x is a letter in the word EQUIVALENT}, B = {x|x is a letter in the wordsand C = {x x is a letter in the word TALENT). Prove that:(a) BCA(b) CCA(c) BC please answer this question mark as brainliest ​

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⇒ Draw a line segment AB=4.5cm

⇒ Take B as center and draw an angle of 60

⇒ Cut off BC=5.5cm

⇒ Take A as with radius 4.8cm and draw an arc.

⇒ Take C as with radius 5cm and draw an arc, which cuts off previous arc at point D

⇒ Join CD and AD.

Frank Garcia Frank Garcia
Jan 19, 2021
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