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3. Who is Ben Price? How does he reach the conclusion that Valentine is in actionagain?​

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The reader feels gratified that Ben Price decides not to arrest Jimmy Valentine. This must be because the reader feels Jimmy should be rewarded for saving a little girl from certain death. Ben Price is not quite the same kind of law-enforcement agent as Jimmy Wells in O. Henry's "After Twenty Years." Jimmy Wells is a sworn officer of the law and is duty-bound to arrest 'Silky' Bob, or at least have him arrested, after he recognizes his old friend as the man who is wanted by the Chicago police. Ben Price, on the other hand, is a sort of private detective. These were the days before the federal government began insuring banks and thereby got involved in that aspect of law enforcement. Ben Price can arrest Jimmy Valentine or let him go, as he chooses. Ben acts on the basis of the same feelings he shares with the reader.

We see in the Sherlock Holmes stories, such as "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle," that Holmes as a private citizen can and does let criminals go free. Ben Price feels the same way about Jimmy Valentine's act of sacrifice as does the reader.

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