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Choose the correct products for the double replacement reaction below. Click here to access the solubility rules to determine which product, if any, forms a solid precipitate in the reaction. PbCl2 MgSO4Upper C subscript 3 upper H subscript 8 plus upper O subscript 2 right arrow. ? Pb O2 MgCl PbMg ClSO4 PbSO4 MgCl2 Pb(SO4)2 MgCl.

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431 cents Leona King

MgCl₂ & PbSO₄ is the correct product for the given double replacement reaction.

What is double displacement reaction?

In the double displacement reaction displacement of two substrate will take place among two reactants and formation of products takes place.

In the question, PbCl₂ reacts with MgSO₄ and displacement between the cations takes place and formation of  MgCl₂ and insoluble precipitate PbSO₄ is formed.

Given reaction is represented as:

PbCl₂ + MgSO₄ → MgCl₂ + PbSO₄

According to the activity series, reactivity of Magnesium is more as compared to the lead atom. So lead is displaced by the magnesium atom and form the above given products.

Hence, option (3) is correct i.e. MgCl₂ & PbSO₄.

To know more about double displacement reaction, visit the below link:

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