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Complete the following passage with saltable prepositions :My father has built a house (a)a big park. He gets up early in the morning and goes(b)the park on foot. Many friends of my father are usually there. My father is veryhappy (0)his friends. Then they go (d)the flower beds which are grown(e)thethe pavement. After taking some rounds of the park, they sit ()statue of Sardar Bhagat Singh which is (g)a fountain. Sometimes some children playhide and seek there. Some children hide themselves (h)the statue.EEN Practice Papers-6 (Grammar)241‚Äč

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We can determine the correct answer with the help of logic and by eliminating the incorrect answer.

The first blank of the sentence indicates her activity. 'For' and 'on' does not fit correctly in the sentence as these prepositions do no indicate one's activity. We can thus eliminate options A and B as incorrect answers.

At is used to indicate a point of time or place, state, direction. age or occupation, degree and one's activity. Here the preposition 'at' fulfills the meaning of both the blanks. Thus option C is the correct answer.

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Feb 8, 2021
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