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sin(7pi/6 - pi/3)  

= sin(7pi/6 - 2pi/6)  

= sin(5pi/6)  

= sin(pi - pi/6)  

= sin(pi/6)  

= 1/2  

sin 7pi/6 - sin pi/3  

= sin (pi + pi/6) - sin pi/3  

= -sin pi/6 - sin pi/3  

= -1/2 - sqrt(3)/2  

= -(1+sqrt(3))2

circumference divided by 3.141592654 then timesthe radius twice

circumference divided by 3.141592654 then timesthe radius twice

Ineedon quadratic equations to solve problems

the ratio of red paint to blue paint is always 9/7. that means that, whatever x's value, (4x+12)/(4x-4) has that same ratio. so, set up an equation and cross-multiply to solve for x:


9/7 = (4x+12)/(4x-4)

9(4x-4) = 7(4x+12)

36x - 36 = 28x + 84

8x - 36 = 84

8x = 120

x = 15

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