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Essay "Ethical problems of business life"

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As the basis of our work, we took the list of the main ethical problems in business communication compiled by the American researcher L. Nash and the list of ethical principles of the American sociologist L. Hosmer.

Ethical problems of modern business life are a rather broad concept, it covers a large layer of relationships. This is the relationship of the staff with the employer, this is the relationship in the team and the professional community, this is the relationship with business partners and investors. Ie, ethical problems can arise in the relationship both horizontally and vertically.

The concepts of ethics of doing business, ethics of business relations are borrowed from Western companies, the history of which has several tens or even hundreds of years and has vast experience.

Today, with the concept of business and business relations, our life includes rules and principles according to which it is customary to communicate in the business world.

The norms of labor legislation are not enforced, the laws of consumer rights are violated, which we clearly see in the sensational inspections of the program "Revizorro" on the TV channel "Friday", in the investigations of the program "Man and the Law" on the "First" Channel and others.

Indeed, there is also the greed of entrepreneurs, and the production of low-quality goods and the desire to move up the career ladder as an end in itself.

I think that at the heart of all these problems, and they can be identified even more if desired, is elementary dishonesty, lack of ethical principles of participants in business communication. After all, everything depends on the personality of each of us. The desire for profit overshadows the mind, perhaps allowing you to get momentary benefit. While losing strategically. By violating obligations, hiding any information, putting personal interests first, we create a society in which bureaucracy flourishes, a huge social gap leading to serious conflicts, the outflow of professional personnel, passivity, infantilism, and so on. And this is the society in which our children live.

Therefore, it is important now to think about building a healthy society, an economically strong country. And the ethical principles of L. Hosmer's business behavior, based on the following provisions, will help in this:

- the creation of material values is considered as an inherently important process;

- profit and other income are considered as the result of achieving various socially significant goals;

- priority in solving problems arising in the spruce world should be given to the interests of interpersonal relations, and not to the production of products. Hosmer identifies 10 axioms:

1. Never do anything that is not in your long-term interests or the interests of your company

2. Never do something that could not be said to be really honest, open and true.

3. Never do something that is not good, that does not contribute to the formation of a sense of elbow, since we all work for one common goal.

4. Never do anything that violates the law, because the law represents the minimum moral standards of society.

5. Never do anything that does not lead to greater good than harm to the society in which you live.

6. Never do something that you would not like to recommend to others who find themselves in a similar situation.

7. Never do anything that infringes on the established rights of others.

8. Always act in such a way as to maximize profits within the framework of the law, market requirements and with full consideration of costs. For the maximum profit under these conditions indicates the greatest efficiency of production.

9. Never do anything that could harm the weakest in our society.

10. Never do anything that would interfere with another person's right to self-development and self-realization.

All these principles are based on the same moral principles and attitudes, as well as respect for the personality of another person, whoever they may be: a partner, colleague or subordinate.

The main aspects of company ethics include: ethical attitude towards employees, creation of favorable working conditions, care for the environment environment and territories adjacent to the company, social responsibility of business (participation in charity events and public initiatives), etc.

No one will argue that the level of development of ethical standards in the field of business directly depends on the educational and cultural level of its employees, on the state of the economy and society as a whole. At the same time, the level of ethics is significantly reduced during unfavorable periods for the state.

Today, many representatives of small and medium-sized businesses are concerned about the survival of the company and the preservation of the staff of specialists, so the ethics and responsibility of the company is far from the first place. And at the same time, each member of the business community can make a positive contribution to the formation of ethical forms of business communication and the maintenance of a healthy society.

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