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What was the ideology in the 'Meredith Kercher case'? Include :-- Is it a true or distorted reflection of reality? |

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In the Kercher case, the ideology of Anti-Americanism and a very badly organized judicial system supposedly resulted in the wrong conviction of American student Amanda Knox for the gruesome killing of Meredith Kercher.

Again, as with the MCKinnon case, the press took a high part on the sensationalism of the case, and each press in each country took sides based on nationality rather than on the case itself.

Suddenly, Knox declared that she had no interpreter, that she was abused verbally, that she was mistreated and misrepresented, and that the public was way too biased against her.

In Seattle, however (her hometown) she is the wronged American who could not understand what was going on.

WHAT IS TRUE: Is that she lived with the victim, there were approximately four people in the appartment, there was bleach used to clean up, and the way the body was covered under a duvet denote that there was remorse and guilt and that the killers knew their victim hence they had to remove her sight.

It is also true that Knox may have been on drugs, that she may not be the innocent person that they thought she was. Yet is also true that the claims that she was being part of a satanic sexual ritual celebrating Halloween is quite far fetched.

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