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Ayudaaa completar las oraciones abajo está las palabritas por favor ayuda el quien lo haga se gana una coronita por favor ayuda por favorHe about buying a house.I next week off.We always at the Sofitel when we go to Lyon. a wireless network in your office?He at the conference next week.She with friends over the holidays.We it's a good idea. I a vitamin supplement every day.She a baby very soon.He French and German fluently. aquí está la oración que corresponde s having , don't think ,take , 's thinking , stay , 's staying , 's speaking ,m taking, Do you have,stay ​

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He's thinking about buying a house.

I'm taking next week off.

We always stay at the Sofitel when we go to Lyon.

Do you have a wireless network in your office?

He stay at the conference next week.

She's staying with friends over the holidays.

We don't think it's a good idea.

I take vitamin  supplement every day.

She's having a baby very soon.

He's speaking French and German fluently.

Mi corona:(

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