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prophet prophet Sep 16, 2021

Hurry I need an answer ASAP In two or more complete sentences, explain to someone who knows nothing about heat transfer how to construct and use a constant pressure calorimeter.

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A constant calorimeter can be made if we are studying a thermal process at atmospheric pressure or in an open calorimeter.

The heat capacity can be measured in open calorimeter which is defined as the heat change in a substance if it is cooled or heated by one degree celsius or one kelvin.

The unit will be calorie/K or J / K

It is also expressed as enthalpy of a thermal process.

The heat capacity for one mole of a substance is molar heat capacity.

Heat capacity is an extensive property as it depends upon the mass.

The molar heat capacity is an intensive property as it is independent of mass of material or substance.

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Sep 16, 2021
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